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Sweden's new seed stage investor.

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For Entrepreneurs

We focus on the early stage of a company's journey. This is where we can provide the most value as a partner. Our goal is to bridge the gap between angel stage and series A investments in the Swedish market.

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Our Team

Our team has decades of experience in investing and building global tech companies. Now we want to share that experience with the next generation of entrepreneurs building global businesses.

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We have backed some of the leading technology
companies in Sweden. We are now looking for the
next generation global success stories.


We've walked the trail before BebiZ

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It’s never been easier to start a company, but it’s still very challenging to build one. We know, we’ve been there. We started Luminar Ventures to invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs and share our 20+ years of experience of building global technology companies. We see company building as a journey, not unlike hiking a trail in unknown and challenging territory. Finding the right path is difficult and without the right tools and guidance it's almost impossible. That's why we provide more than just capital. We take an active role in all of our investments and work closely with the entrepreneurs we back to find the best path forward towards a global market.